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A Mims | IL | 2016-01-13

Excellent customer service. Thank you, Charles!

Randall Biang | IL | 2016-01-13

I purchased a new 2014 Platinum Edition Cayenne Diesel in May from Loeber. This is my second Porsche and I couldn’t be more pleased with both vehicles. I recently had a question regarding a message I saw on the PCM screen. After looking through the manuals, I was unable to find out what it meant. Worried that I may be hurting the vehicle I called the Service Department and was given to Fred Glaeser, a service advisor. I explained to Fred my problem and he stated that he had not heard about that particular issue but would look into it. Fred was great! He researched the problem and called me back with an answer a few hours later. It was a very simple solution that had to do with function within the PCM but it was not clearly explained in the PCM Manual. I was very impressed that Fred took the time to research my issue and get back to me so quickly. Both Sales and Service have been outstanding and I am very pleased with my experience with Loeber. They have a customer for life.

JA Hagans | IL | 2016-03-01

"I have always been treated well by Loeber Motors. Jim and the service department go a great, thorough job maintaining my 997TT. If you want your P-car serviced by a dealer I recommend going here if you're in the Chicago area."

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